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Everything you REALLY need to know about Web Analytics – part II

Copying this over from an old blog of mine, but relevant to this one 🙂 Ok, imagine you have a popular website for a large consumer products company. Now imagine you’re getting a LOT of calls to your call centre.

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Everything you need to know about Web Analytics and Advanced KPIs

Copying this and many other articles over from my old blog, apologies for any broken links 🙂 It’s been a long summer. So much time on the beach, so little time to blog. In any case, I’ve recently moved more

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Fun Net Stuff

A post from an old blog of mine that I’m moving over… Today’s post has nothing to do with search engine optimization, but in my surfing I’ve run into a couple of new very cool free tools. As I have

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Rise and Fall of Email Marketing

An old post I’ve resurrected from an old blog of mine… Living in Calgary as I do, the weather here can change in a heartbeat. So it seems go the fortunes of Email Marketing. For a while, Email marketing was

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How Web Intelligent are You?

Copying this over from an old blog of mine.. Part 1 Wondering how far along your enterprise is with real, actionable web intelligence? Use this guide to pinpoint where you are now, and where you need to go to achieve

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How Web Intelligent are You Part 2

Copying over a post from my old blog… Ok, we’re at #4, you have a voice of customer tool. Where you need to go: At this point, we’re talking about the difference between understanding your online customers and REALLY understanding

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What is Web Intelligence

This series of posts is reprinted from one of my previous blogs… The ability for your website to accomplish its goals, whether to make money, increase awareness, add subscriptions or anything else, is completely dependent upon you understanding your visitors

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