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Blog is moving!

I’ve created a new website, , where I’ll continue blogging. I’ll be adding in topics like privacy and more general digital marketing topics! Please come check it out.

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New post on Experience Matters

Check out a post on the top measurement predictions for 2012 on the Critical Mass blog, Experience Matters.

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Experience Matters Blog

Just so you don’t think I’m not blogging at all… Check out these two blog posts on the Critical Mass blog, Experience Matters: 3 Web Measurement Problems Solved I know what you’re doing online 3 web measurement problems solved is

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Measure the ROI of Anything! Measuring the Un-Measurable Part II

In follow up to my recent post on measuring the un-measurable in web analytics, I believe there are three general approaches to being able to quantify the things that maybe aren’t as straight forward. Make them measurable Estimate Change your

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Measuring the Un-Measurable

Recently, a few social media companies like Syncapse (right here in Toronto) and Virtue presented some sophisticated studies about the value of a Facebook fan. Pundits and critics jumped on them. While I have my own opinion about these studies

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Site Audits – Why does Tech keep breaking my tags?

If you work on big websites like I do, you’ve probably already suffered from the painful condition called “techinosis”, who’s primary symptom is web analytics tags that simply vanish or break for no apparent reason. This condition can often go

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Dashboards to your iPhone and iPad

I was asked at work recently to develop a dashboard that could be delivered in almost real time to an iPhone or an iPad for executives. The thought of going through a development process to try to create an application

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Google Analytics and Omniture SiteCatalyst on the iPad

I’m already using my iPad more than my laptop at work. Even this post is bring created using the wordpress iPad app. I was very excited to notice that Omniture SiteCatalyst works great on the iPad in safari. Graphs and

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Moving to Real Web Intelligence

Copying over content from an old blog I wrote, it’s out of date, so don’t be alarmed 🙂 So, as time goes by I’ve found myself drawn to web analytics. I’ve worked with WebTrends, Omniture, Google Analytics and more. What

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Continuous Improvement Process

Copying this article over from my old SEO blog… So you’re website has great presence on the search engine and is getting lots of hits. You’re conversion ratios are pretty good and your tracking everything using a web analytics program.

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