Dashboards to your iPhone and iPad

I was asked at work recently to develop a dashboard that could be delivered in almost real time to an iPhone or an iPad for executives.

The thought of going through a development process to try to create an application to do this seemed daunting, and the Omniture Application takes too long to load. Executives don’t want to wait.

Enter Roambi. These folks have created an application that can link to various types of databases. Although their API isn’t open yet (and they don’t yet have any web analytics data connections), you can connect to an Excel sheet.

My plan went like this. I created an Excel sheet using the Omniture SiteCatalyst Excel Data Blocks. I then update the spreadsheet in the morning and upload the result to the Roambi website. This then gets downloaded to the the target iPhone / iPad connected to the same account.

Overall, it’s pretty slick. I’d love it if they created an open API so I wouldn’t have to update the sheets myself every day. However the presentation is pretty cool and you can set up multiple levels that can be drilled into with details.

Check out some screen shots. Edited and cropped for privacy reasons.

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